October… in California

It is so unsatisfactory to still be hitting 90 degrees in October! The east coast girl that I still am at times, is craving some crisp fall weather, some color change, some bonfire smells… California is mocking me. But this is my second Autumn season here and I am trying to appreciate where I am,  because there isn’t anything I can do about it right now! 


There is a cotton field next to my house,  it is about ready to be harvested. My great grandmother picked cotton inthisvalley, over 65 yesrs ago, so it has been interesting to think of her hand how hard she worked, while I watched this field grow.  The farmers use funny looking machines that look like huge beatles to harvest it now.

Evening walk

We picked pomegranates this week, not apples. I would get used to that! They are a lot of work though. 



It took two large pomegranates to get that a man of juice.
I’m working on being positive, content and even joyful about my physical location, even if I don’t think it is ideal. I WANT to be happy, so I will be happy. I should be able to me me wherever I live, and enjoy the little things. I’m grateful.

Central California, the San Joaquin Valley

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