My friend Paul


This is Paul Coakley, and this was on one of his more tame adventures about 11 years ago. He was so much fun.

He passed away last January. It had been probably 9 years since I had seen him, but Paul was the kind of friend that you knew would always he happy to see you, would genuinely want to know how you were doing and make you laugh. He had the best smile and laugh! I miss him. It makes me tear up every time I think of him. I still can’t really believe he is gone, I always thought we would get our kids together one day, thatmy family would go on adventures with him and his family. Jaxon would have adored Paul.


Paul married a lovely lady named Ann, and they had the children together  (Ann was pregnant with their 4th when Paul passed). Their friends started a website to help her raise money for the medical bills, and to help remodel an old farm house on their family’s property. It was amazing to watch  their friends, families, and strangers cane together to take care of Ann and the children. The house was beautifully remodeled, the work was done with so much love, and was finished before little Paul Blaze was born!


I still feel connected to the family (I have yet to meet Ann in person!), and to Paul, it still breaks my heart.
If you would like to learn more about this ridiculously wonderful man, and read stories about his adventures visit their website,

This is the Paul Coakley family (This is not my photo)

You will be inspired. You will live more boldly, be more patient, loving and playful. Hopefully, you will want to #livelikePaul too! 💔💖💪


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