Sometimes my life is almost completely overwhelming. In those days I try to find some little peaceful details… here are today attempt.
I got up in time to see the sunrise, the most peaceful time of day for me, and was “attacked” by Odis the Tabby Cat while I was trying to get a few photos, I don’t trim her nails since she is mostly an outdoor cat, so, ouch! What are some of your stress management techniques??






Country Living

I live in the super fertile, though drought ridden, San Joaquin Valley. This is harvest time, an extra dusty, but somehow exciting time of year. I don’t live in a farm exactly but we are surrounded by cotton fields, almond orchards, and grape vines. I have my fingers crossed all year the the hard working farmers have a fantastic harvest and can keep farming for another year at least. There are so many water issues, a lot of farmers and ranchers are having to move in, its sad. These are a few photos from this last week, our little hens started laying eggs too!